Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Grail Watch #4: Seiko Marinemaster Professional 300m

2 years ago or so, one of my friends Gary showed me an IWC Portuguese Chronograph and I was in awe of the it's aesthetics and being a mechanical engineer, was more in awe of the makings and windings of the watch. This started in me a passion  for looking and reading, not necessarily owning, watches, and the rest as they say is history.

After one Seiko and one Steinhart automatic, both of which I really love, I still have in my head a list of what I believe would make my own perfect collection. This list is not necessarily in order...

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Seiko Marinemaster Professional 300m

Seiko Marinemaster Professional 300m
lifted from by Reficul_X of WUS review at
The Seiko Marinemaster Professional 300m, or Seiko SBDX001, is another model from the Japanese watch giant Seiko that I really like (others being the Seiko BFS and Grand Seiko GMT).

I've read and seen a fair number write-ups, reviews, pictures, and videos  of this watch and here are a couple of things that really attract me to it.

  • I like the way the bezel, the chapter ring, and the domed glass make the dial look 3D.  Of course people would say of course its 3D, its a real object! Duh! But what I mean to say is because of the design of each of the elements, there is a certain depth to the dial that I really like, it makes the watch look bigger and more interesting IMHO.
  • I like the off-white, almost golden color of the hands, the hour markers and the bezel numbers. They look like really good candidates for a nice golden patina in a few years time.
  • I like that it looks similar enough to the Rolex Sub that comparisons are unavoidable, but at the same time it's bigger in a tougher bad-ass looking way that it also draws comparison to the another watch with a cult following, Doxa.
  • I like the exclusivity of the watch, it being a Japanese Domestic Model (JDM), meaning that there probably aren't a lot of it in the wild. But I can imagine what a pain it would be to have it serviced.
  • And of course I like that it's got an in-house movement, the same Automatic 8L35 used in Grand Seiko models. Enough said!
This is definitely one watch I'd love to have and make a proper review on. It's currently priced at about USD2,200-2,400 and can be bought locally in Japan or online stores that sell JDM models. This is definitely on my shortlist and one that I would have no problems buying if only I had the funds to buy it. Sadly the Pinoy Watch Idiot is also a Poor Watch Idiot.


  1. Yes. I bought this watch years ago, I still love it. Especially the case architecture of using front loading.
    And the very advanced bezel aesthetic, before Rolex.

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