Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Omega Why?

After a year of dormancy (yes that's what a new member of a family does to your watch hobby, any hobby for that matter), I was looking forward to crossing off another bucket list watch for me.

I made the rounds of calling different Omega dealers looking for the 39mm Speedy only to be told that the new Speedy is now 42mm!


One of the reasons I wanted a Speedy was because I THOUGHT it was cool that it stayed away from the direction most new brands took/are taking by going all Panerai on us. You know, those bigger IWCs, those bigger Rolexes and even bigger Panerais. But alas Omega joined the bandwagon and I now probably have to go look in the pre-loved market...

And my streak of not buying a watch still continues.



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