Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How Many Watches Do You Wear... the same time?

I saw this interesting question posted at PWC, and after posting my response, it was no surprise that the majority only wear one watch at a time. Of 32 respondents, only 2 individuals wear more than one watch at the same time.

One of them wears 2 watches at the same time. One on each wrist. This reminds me of Diego Maradona who wears 2 of his signature Hublots, one on each wrist. According to El Diego he wears two watches at the same time because he wants to have one set at the time zone of his location and the other on his native Argentina. I would have thought a Hublot endorser like him would already have heard of this thing called GMT watch or a World Time watch. Anyway, I think he gets away with it because he is one crazy, bigger-than-life kind of guy.

The guy on our forum had these reasons:
1. He finds it more convenient to be ambidextrous at times.
2. He finds that 2 watches looks better than 1
3. He doesn't have a winder and wearing two watches enable him to wind two watches at the same time.

Hey different strokes for different folks right!
The other guy said he wears more than 4 watches at the same time. Not sure who he was but if I had to make a guess...

Nicolas Hayek, back from the dead, in the house!

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