Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Watch Rant: My Grail Killers

Being a WIS is difficult. Being a mendicant WIS is even harder. Imagine being a drug abuser without the money to buy drugs. Fine, I can't really say that's how it would feel because Ive never done it, but if I were to imagine it, thats what I would compare it too.

Because yes, I admit it. I am a mendicant WIS.

Being a mendicant WIS with a wishlist that costs more than my house and car combined, I sometimes just have to pacify my horological addition by getting myself a (more affordable) watch that's not on my my grail list. These watches are what I call my grail killers because every centavo I spent on them makes me a centavo farther away from my grail watches.

Usually the urge to buy a grail killer comes with one or a multiple of the following excuses:

It was on sale/It had a really good price
The piece is so rare you couldnt pass up the chance
This is one complication I wanted, but is not on my grailI can easily sell this anyway

So far, here are my grail killers. Dont get me wrong, I love these watches and I'll probably keep a lot of them anyway but had i not gotten them I could have been a couple of dollars closer to some of my grails.

Seiko 7002-700A Diver's Watch
Seiko 7002 Diver's Watch

Seiko SKX779 Black Monster
Seiko SKX779 Black Monster

Vintage Seiko 6138-0030 Square Eyes Kanji
Vintage Seiko Square Eyes Kanji

Damn these affordable Seikos!!! They're amazing time pieces at can't-pass-up prices.

I wonder if there's anybody out there with this affliction.

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