Saturday, September 4, 2010

2 Days After Impact

Last night a couple of hours after sharing the little incident my watch encountered with another watch, my short thread received a couple of feedback from PWCers that made me feel better about the incident. I really like one of the comments made and with the permission of Plasticman, I would like to share this with everyone else who comes across this blog.

I do also like some battle scars as sometimes it reminds me of what happened to the watch. Brings back some good and bad memories.

I also think that the first ding or scratch is really harder to get over. The 2nd or 3rd and so on will be easier to take since you are probably used to it getting banged up. As long as it is not that bad, we can usually live with it until we send it on for service.

I do follow a rule, if I can't stand the ding or scratch, then I usually get it fixed. I believe that we should enjoy wearing our watches and if the ding or scratch is not really giving us the pleasure of wearing our watch. Then I think we need to get it fixed.

Now I have to look for someone capable of repairing the watch :)

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