Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekly Wrist Shot: Week 39

Last week, I posted for the very first time my daily rotation of watches. I was surprised that in so short a time it barged into my top 10 posts.

So I thought of doing it every week. Here are the wrist shots for this week.

Sunday. 25 Sep. Seiko SKX779 Black Monster while having the car washed
Seiko SKX779 Black Monster
Monday. 26 Sep. Seiko SKNF05K1 BFS to start the work week on a gloomy Monday
Seiko SNKF05K1 BFS
Tuesday. 27 Sep. Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm Automatic to welcome typhoon Pedring
Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm Automatic
Wednesday. 28 Sep. IWC 2717 Pilot's Watch Chronograph, back to work.
IWC 3717 Pilot's Watch Chronograph
Thursday. 29 Sep. Laco Type B Pilot's Watch, last time I wore this shirt I wore this watch too.
Laco Type B Pilot's Watch
Friday. 30 Sep. Seiko SNKF07K1 BFS. Have a good weekend!
Seiko SNKF07K1 BFS

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Casual Weekend Watch Under PhP30,000

Yesterday a friend sent me a Facebook message complimenting my small watch collection and also asking what would be a good weekend casual watch under PhP30,000 (approximately USD700.00).

I'm a big fan of classic designs with large clean readable dials, so it was a no brainer for me to suggest a Stowa Pilot's Watch. Or the much cheaper Laco or Steinhart. Though Stowa gets my top vote because of it's more finished look and rich history.

Classic Stowa Pilot's Watch

Stowa Pilot's Watch with Sterile Dial

The Stowa looks great worn casual either with jeans or shorts and even small enough to wear under shirt cuffs. Due to it's large face, it lends enough wrist presence. At USD640 it falls perfectly within the budget.

I'm also a big fan of the Japanese brand Seiko, and a budget of USD700 means a chest full of choices with this brand. Personally my top Seiko choices for that budget would be the 1) Seiko Sumo 2) Seiko SPORK and 3) Seiko Samurai.

Seiko Sumo


Seiko Samurai

All 3 watches are IMHO going to be iconic dive watches and would be the perfect companion to any weekend getaway. With any of these babies you won't have a problem checking out your wrist while swimming, beach bumming, malling or fine dining.

Among these choices, I'd go for the Sumo due to it's classic diver's design and the exclusivity of having a Japan Domestic Model.

If a gun was put to my head I'd pick the Stowa over the Sumo. I just can't resist that sterile dial and blued hands!

All pictures were taken from the web. Please drop me a line if you are the owner of the picture and would like to request it to be removed from the post or if youd like to be recognized.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pinoy Watch Idiot Goes Mobile

Finally Google comes up with a Blogger iPhone app.

Here's my first mobile post, my Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm that I wore today.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wrist Time with Wrist Shots

I haven't been a good blogger the past couple of weeks after I came back from my international assignment. That doesn't mean I haven't been a good watch idiot.

I've been good to my collection and have given each some wrist time this past week.

Here's the previous weeks line up.

Tuesday. IWC 3717 Pilot's Watch Chronograph
IWC 3717 Pilot's Watch Chronograph

Wednesday. Laco Type B Pilot's Watch
Laco Type B Pilot's Watch

Thursday. Seiko SNKF07K1 BFS (Big Freakin' Seiko)
Seiko SNKF07K1

Friday. Steinhart Nav-B Uhr 44mm Automatic
Steinhart Nav B Uhr II 44mm

Monday. Seiko 6138 Square Eye Kanji
Vintage Seiko Square Eyes Kanji

Tuesday. Seiko SNKF09K1 BFS (Big Freakin' Seiko)
Seiko SNKF09K1

Wednesday. Seiko 7002 Diver's Watch
Seiko 7002 Diver's Watch


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