Monday, September 20, 2010

Sly, Arnie and a Filipino!

What does Sylvester Stallone, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and one Filipino watch collector have in common? No, it's not that all three have herculean physique, but that may be true as well as I haven't really seen the Filipino in person. But the watch-aholic answer is that all three are proud owners of PAM 341 more famously known as the Egiziano.

Sly with his PAM 341
Sly with PAM 341

Governator with his PAM 341 
Arnold with PAM 341

Wrist shot of fellow Filipino with his 341
Filipino with 341

From the photo that I found at PWC, it is quite obvious that this beautiful limited (to 500pcs) watch is HUGE. It's got a 60mm brushed titanium case and it's powered by an in-house made Panerai P.2002/7 calibre. Just look at the size of that watch relative to the wrist! It even looks big on Sly's wrist. And we're talking about Rambo/Rocky here. Good thing it's titanium, which is lighter than steel.

But even if it might seem to require the strength of Rocky and the Terminator just to strap it up, who says you have to be Rambo or Conan the Barbarian to own an Egiziano? Though I won't ever own a watch like the Egiziano (can't afford it and wrist can't handle it as well), I'm gald that there is at least one Juan Dela Cruz that owns this LE PAM.

Go kabayan!


  1. You'd have to have a huge wrist for this to look good on you, otherwise it'll look like you're lugging a wall clock around :-)

  2. I agree, I think the Egiziano is really something meant to be worn by someone with huge wrists. But that being said, serious PAM collectors will be getting it, regardless of their wrist size, as part of their collection. Nevermind if it's kept as a safe queen.

    I guess It's like owning a ferrari in the Philippines, you cannot really drive around it but people would still get one :)



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