Monday, September 27, 2010

Goodbye Patek Philippe 5980R Nautilus

This watch looks amazing! But the price is also amazing. Amazingly expensive at approximately USD50k.

Thus I decided to take it off my bucketlist because I think that no matter how much I earn in the future, I cannot justify to myself the amount of money required to buy this watch. It's like wearing a small condo unit on my wrist. LOL.

After feeling this pang of guilt, I decided to revisit my bucket list and made the decision  to put only watches that my conscience could afford to buy, even if my wallet would still have the first say of course.

Thus I have to say goodbye to you 5980R. Maybe if I become the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi or something similar, then I might revisit this decision again.

But having removed the PP from the list, I managed to sneak in a couple of watches in
  • JLC Reverso Grande GMT
  • Glashutte Senator Navigator Automatic
  • Credor Spring Drive Moonphase GCLL997
  • Seiko SBDX011
4 for 1 trade looks good, especially when the cost for four the watches in total is only about 60% of the price of the PP.

Thank goodness for the ability to day dream.

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