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One of my earlier hobbies was photography. It was back in 2006 that I first bought my own dslr, a Canon EOS 350D, with visions of becoming the next great Filipino photographer. The following years have brought me the realization that not everyone with a camera, even a dslr, for that matter is a photographer. Yes I've had a couple of my photos requested to be used for travel guides, books or websites here or there, always free, mind you, but generally I'm no where close to being a pro than I was when I bought my 350D. In fact, as evidence of my almost zero progress to a pro, I still shoot with my outdated entry level Canon 350D!

But even then, I consider myself as a hobbyist who through the years have tried to eagerly improve his craft. I'm also always eager to learn and I try to read up on techniques, styles and sometimes even attend classes. Looking at the photos I've taken through the years I have to say that I think I have improved as a hobbyist at the very least.

I think basic knowledge about photography is a good skill to have as a watch collector. With a little know how, a watch owner is able to share his/her watches to other collectors or just curious lurkers. Watch collecting is very much a visual hobby, as it is am emotional one. At least with photography, the visual part can be communicated, and mayeb some of the emotions will carry over!

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