Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beware of Buying Stolen Watches

The other day a PWC member informed the forum that one of his friends got victimized by the "Dugo-Dugong Gang". I just wanted to share it here just in case anyone who visits my blog comes across a suspicious looking watch. The post, copied from the forum, goes:

"...A colleague and good friend of mine from UST Hospital just became a victim of "dugo-dugo" gang...he lost 4 watches, namely an AP ROO Safari themes on hornback strap "E" series; an AP ROO all steel navy ; a Pam 170 submersible Ti bracelet and an RXW MM 20. Just in case any of these are offered to you ( obviously to be offered with no box and papers and this will be a wild goose chase on our part ) , kindly text or call +63 9178489669 (Ging)...thanks everyone..."

Here are the watches and serial numbers as provided by Dr Ging F:

1. AP ROO safari themes ref #26020ST.00.DNRCR.01
2. AP ROO blue face (navy) all steel "D" series (ref number not provided)
3. Panerai Pam 170 submersible with Ti bracelet F 138/300
4. RXW MM 20 (serial number not provided)

Remember that buying a stolen item makes the buyer an accessory to the crime, so if you come across a boxless/paperless AP, PAM or RXW, please err on the side of caution and check the seller and maybe give the number above a call.

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