Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekly Wrist Shot: Week 39

Last week, I posted for the very first time my daily rotation of watches. I was surprised that in so short a time it barged into my top 10 posts.

So I thought of doing it every week. Here are the wrist shots for this week.

Sunday. 25 Sep. Seiko SKX779 Black Monster while having the car washed
Seiko SKX779 Black Monster
Monday. 26 Sep. Seiko SKNF05K1 BFS to start the work week on a gloomy Monday
Seiko SNKF05K1 BFS
Tuesday. 27 Sep. Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm Automatic to welcome typhoon Pedring
Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm Automatic
Wednesday. 28 Sep. IWC 2717 Pilot's Watch Chronograph, back to work.
IWC 3717 Pilot's Watch Chronograph
Thursday. 29 Sep. Laco Type B Pilot's Watch, last time I wore this shirt I wore this watch too.
Laco Type B Pilot's Watch
Friday. 30 Sep. Seiko SNKF07K1 BFS. Have a good weekend!
Seiko SNKF07K1 BFS

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