Monday, July 11, 2011

Watch Photography: Seiko Black Monster with the iPhone

Over the weekend I took my Seiko Black Monster for another dip, this time in the clear blue waters of Misibis Bay Resort. Misibis Bay Resort is only one of three hotels in the Philippines that is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels group, which as the name describes is a group of small luxury hotels (duh!) around the world.

Here is a shot of the BM while Im lounging by the pool. This was taken using the iPhone 4 camera, which I thought was quite impressive. Enjoy!
Seiko Black Monster

Here are some of the resort villas that I also took with the iPhone. If you ever drop by the Philippines, include this in our stop if you want a quiet, hassle free, luxurious vacation. All you need is a diver's watch and your all set!
Misibis Bay


  1. Hi Dale,

    Great to see you're good. We'eve missed you over at PWC. You never replied to my SMS and PMs anymore. Hope all is good.



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