Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 Tag Heuer Link Collection

Except for the Monaco line and some vintage pieces (when it was just Heuer), I haven't really looked at Tag Heuer that much. In fact I don't own one. Nonetheless, the news is that the 2011 Tag Heuer Link collection is out and would soon be hitting the market.

I havent seen an actual piece, but the pictures scattered around the net shows that the Link retains its understated design, targeted towards those seeking a simpler more formal sports watch. Of course the most distinctive feature is still the link bracelet. It wouldn't be called Link for nothing. Gone are the curves that have previosuly dominated the Link  and I think this is an improvment of the design. The bracelet looks to be edgier, more sporty but still understated. From what I see from pictures, all the models seem to be sporting brushed link bracelets.

I won't be going into further details because I don't really know much about this line and this release isn't really something that makes my horological heart beat faster. Somehow I've managed to associate Tag Heuer Link watches to corporate loyalty/milestone awards in the Philippines. So maybe when I celebrate my 15th year as an employee with <employer>, I'll be a proud owner of this watch.

Mr. Ariel Adams of has some of the pictures available in his website and has a better more detailed write up about the latest line. Chek it out here.

Congratulations to the would be owners!

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