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My Grail Watch #7: Doxa Sub 750T GMT Sharkhunter

Back in 2008, one of my friends Gary showed me an IWC Portuguese Chronograph and I was in awe of the it's aesthetics and being a mechanical engineer, was more in awe of the makings and windings of the watch. This started in me a passion  for looking and reading, not necessarily owning, watches, and the rest as they say is history.

10 watches into this hobby, all of which I really love, I still have in my head a list of what I believe would make my own perfect collection.  Read complete list of my favorite watches here. As my taste evolves, and as I spend more time (and limited resources) into this hobby, it is noticeable that a few watches from my list have come and gone but there are still a handful which I consider to be my favorite watches.

In this series I try to share what makes the following watches so desireable (according to me and only me)


Doxa Sub 750T GMT Sharkhunter

Doxa was probably one of the first smaller watch brand that I knew about. The brand's cult like following and its image as the originator of orange watches (whether this is true or not) makes it impossible not to know the brand among watch enthusiasts.

There are hundreds if not thousands of diver's watches out there, and in fact I have a couple of them, but Doxa has a special place in my horological heart because of the following features
  • There's just something about that orange dial
  • Great execution of the tonneau style casing
  • GMT function with inner rotating bezel allows for 3rd time zone
  • Extra points for being worn by Dirk Pitt
  • Did I already mention the orange dial?
The Sub 750T GMT Sharkhunter has less orange and more black compared to its other Doxa brothers, but I still love how that bit of orange brightens up the dial and adds a bit of fun to this hunking piece of stainless steel.

The other thing that I find so unique and alluring about this watch is its case. The 44.7mm case combined with it's unique shape provides the Doxa with serious wrist presence and looks wider than most 44mm watches. It's as if the orange dial doesnt call enough attention to the watch already.

The GMT function of this watch to me is a welcome addition. I have to admit that most of the countries I've visited, I've visited for holidays. And to me, a holiday isn't a holiday unless it involves the sun and the sea. So having a GMT watch that I can use while being on the beach or pool is a bonus.That said I'm not really sure if I'll ever use a third timezone but Im not complaining. The inner rotating bezel looks kick-ass.

And lastly, this watch earns some points for being Dirk Pitt's watch. Dirk who? He's the main man of Clive Cussler's novels. If the Rolex Submariner earns points for being James Bond's watch then Doxa should earn some too right?

OK maybe not, but the Doxa Sub 750T is still a great looking watch in my books.

There are however an area for improvement. The beads of rice (BOR) bracelet. Looking at the bracelet more closely, the beads aren't actually "free" beads but each row is made up of welded beads. Would have been great if it was a true BOR bracelet. Having said that, I've read numberous reviews of owners who swear by it.

I won't diss the watch for having an ETA movement because whether a movement is in-house or not is not really a strict part of my parameter. Besides Seiko, Citizen and Nomos, there hardly are manufactures out there in this price range anyway (Some Omega watches are almost within this price range though).

All in all, I think the Doxa Sub 750T GMT Sharkhunter is a unique piece that deserves a place on my list of favorite watches. Go to have some oranage in there.

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